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Month of February Celebrations

The Month of February Celebrations

National Days in the US 

There are several fun and important national days in the US. The month of February is specially designated for diverse celebrations. From February 1 to the end of the month, it is one celebration after another. We at Rentalry also join in on the celebration of these important days. As a leading event rental company, we identify with the national days below and seek to provide our clients with a pleasant experience!


February 7

National Send a Card to a Friend Day

Friends are precious and should be cherished. Often, we remember our friends and care to know
their welfare. The memories of the time we shared make us feel nostalgic. Well, February 7
gives you the opportunity of expressing your care for your friends by sending them paper cards or an E-card. On this great occasion,we at Luxe Rentalry want to express our love and care to our customers and clients, who have become more than friends but members of the Rentalry Family.


February 9 

National Pizza Day

February 9 is another national day that Americans celebrate in grand style; it is the day of
commemorating pizza, the famous American favorite. Whatever your preferred style is, Chicago style, thin crust, or deep dish, you can eat to your heart’s content. Usually, on National Pizza Day, restaurants throw a pizza party! Rentalry is ready to provide chair and table rentals that help to make the event a success! However, you could certainly use this national day as a pretty good excuse to just invite friends over & order up your favorite pizza!


February 18

National Drink Wine Day

More than 25% of the populace drinks wine, and it’s worth celebrating! Wine and food can be the soul of any party. As a result, celebrating with wine is the perfect decision. This brings to light the benefits of wine. Red wine can improve health and wellness and is worth remembering with friends and family while enjoying a fresh, fruity wine. If you are organizing a wine tasting event, contact Rentalry for appropriate chair and table rental service.


February 22 

National Margarita Day

February 22 is the day to celebrate one of the most famous cocktails made from tequila in the U.S. This is the most popular cocktail and you cannot afford to miss it. It comprises tequila, Triple sec, and lemon or lime juice. Margaritas provide different tastes depending on the use of lime or lemon. Let an experienced bartender serve you a margarita topped with ice on February 22 to commemorate the day. As you celebrate the National Margarita Day, remember that Rentalry is ready to serve you. We’ve got great quality Margarita Machines to start the party!



We’re Here For The Celebrations!

If you are planning an event in celebrating any of the National Days in the U.S, contact us for complete event rental. Rentalry is the home of the best rental services in Atlanta, Georgia

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