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Luxe Event Rental is Now Rentalry

Luxe Event Rental

is now


Your favorite event rental company will be changing to a new simplified and future-ready website with the new name Rentalry!

Rental ServicesWe sincerely appreciate your patronage over the years and recognize your unwavering support. 

The transformation to a new name allows us to continue to serve you with high quality event rentals.

We patronize our customers’ experience and satisfaction.

We’ve given the advancement in service, and we aim to present you with an even more responsive, modern, and clean experience with a streamlined process.

Rentalry promises an enhanced experience as you easily navigate without hassle like Luxe.  Expect well-laid-out menus presented by a functional and aesthetically pleasing platform characterized by versatility, efficiency, and ease of use.

As always, you’re able to search and find your favorite rental items. Amazingly, you wont miss out on any of your favorite services we offered as, as you can access all products on as normal.

The migration to the new face will be executed shortly, and you will be welcomed to a new world of rental services with a breathtaking experience. 

Some New Features to Look Out For 

Below are some of the improvements you’ll find on Rentalry. 

  1. Updated simple rental process
  2. A broader rental catalog targeting new industries including tool rentals in Atlanta, corporate furniture rentals, real estate staging, home furniture rentals, and lots more!

What Does Rentalry Have To Offer? 

Here’s what to expect from our new website: 

  1. Simple and efficient user-interface 
  2. Easy-to-navigate platform 
  3. An enhanced user experience. 
  4. Aesthetic and functional design 
  5. A mobile-friendly site that enables you to browse our website on your smartphone and other mobile devices
  6. An overall exciting experience 


Don’t mix things up, Rentalry is an upgraded version of your favorite service! The upgrade focuses on another- level experience. We appreciate your past business, and look forward to future occasions. We promise to continue to provide satisfactory services. 

We look forward to improving our services in every way!

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