black history Month

Black History and Furniture Rentals

Black History and Furniture Rentals

Black History Month Article and Luxe Event Rental

Since its maiden edition in 1976, February has been designated as Black History Month to celebrate the achievements of African Americans and the significant roles they play in the history of the U.S.

Home Furnishing Rentals Staging Real Estate Furniture Rentals by Rentalry AtlantaSimilarly, other countries like the U.K and Canada also devote a month to recognizing the history of the black in their respective countries.

In recognition and celebration of the achievements of  African Americans, and Luxe Event Rental wish to recount just a few of the significant roles and inventions of the Black & African American achievers, including the folding chair.

The folding chair has become an indispensable part of the event & chair rental industry today. Quite a lot of groundbreaking discoveries and inventions can be traced to African Americans, but our focus will be on the folding chair invention and a few others.

The Importance of Black Inventors in U.S. History and Event Rental History

Folding Chair

We tried to provide our best services on special occasions like New Year, Thanksgiving day, or any of your family events.

The folding chairs that we know and love today were initially invented and designed by African American inventors.

The original inventors were John E. Purdy and Daniel A. Sadgwar. According to the United States Office, the patent of the folding chair was filed on August 27, 1888, with the specification submitted on June 11, 1889, with patent No. 405,117.

The patent disclosed that they “have invented certain new and useful improvements in Folding Chairs.” (Patent No 405,117). The drawings of the folding chairs were submitted, and several samples made for the use of people. (Sources:

Over the years, several improvements have been made to folding chairs featuring ergonomics, the use of foams to provide comfort, and the introduction of the steel frame for durability.

When you hire folding chairs from and Luxe Event Rental, know that you are benefiting from the invention of the African American who successfully became a part of the Black History we are celebrating today.

Caster Wheel

Also, anytime you move large items with wheels, give kudos to David A. Fisher, who invented a revolutionary improvement to the caster wheel, which was originally invented and designed for furniture, but patented in 1876. Over the years, casters have evolved, and today we have them in rubber, nylon, stainless steel, and aluminum. Also, several features have been introduced, such as direction locks, brakes, temperature resistance, and shock absorbency.

These items (folding chairs and caster wheels) are indispensable in the rental industry. And they were made possible by African Americans! (Source:


Takeaway / Luxe Event Rental provides an extensive inventory of folding chairs and other essential event equipment items which are the basis of many companies and of our rental services. We’re celebrating the extraordinary benefits we have from each of these inventions today.

We are excited to celebrate Black History and all African American inventors!

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