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we are providing variety of Tent types. Here is the chart with size so that you can easily chose best one for you and get better idea for your events.

Tent Type & Size Image Price Per Day Discount Weekly & Monthly
20’x20’ Tent Type and Size $350 Up to 80% Off
20’x30’ Tent Types and Size chart $450 Up to 80% Off
20’x40’ $550 Up to 80% Off
10’x10’ $245 Up to 80% Off
10’x10’ Commercial Popup $125 Up to 80% Off

The Tent Types & charts will help you to arrange all the events arrangements. we are dedicated to providing high-quality equipment & dependable tables, chairs, linen, tents & more!

Keeping in view about Corona Virus we have detailed information about Tent Ideas in Pandemic. Read Here

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