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General Party and Event Rentals in Atlanta, GA

Rentalry Event Specialists can be the resource to get an expert event stage production in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas.

Once you’re in need of mobile staging or platform equipment, we can help.

Stage Rental

Our stage floor can be modified for many types of events. We, Will, provide you with indoor and outdoor staging, risers, decking, rooftop staging, ramps, stairs, pipe, drape, and fittings for events of all kinds.

Stage Dimensions We Offer:

  • 4’x8’ Stage
  • 4’x16’ Stage
  • 8’x16’ Stage

You can also modify the size of stag as per your own requirements.

Alter Your Stage Rental:

As you probably know, the stage could be the heart of your own event. While lighting, special effects, and audio are all crucial, obtaining an excellent quality stage can be essential.

At Rentalry, we stock many different tiling, theatrical, and risers. Whether you need a little point to get an indoor convention keynote or some large outdoor point to get a concert using special outcomes, we can create it happen.

Multi-level stages can also be offered. We carry staging and dancefloors in the most popular shapes and sizes, therefore anything you are envisioning, we can help bring it to life in a safe, visually-appealing method.

Stage Rentals Rentalry Atlanta

Anybody can provide staging, however, you do not want just any staging — you also need top-notch, high-quality occasion phase production from the top event technology Rental company in Atlanta.

If your event includes one period or several stages, we could offer everything you want to develop a magnificent and safe stage area.

If your venue doesn’t always have a stage structure in place, we are able to build upstaging, multi-level design, and overhead truss and rigging.

With truss and rigging, your equipment could be placed overhead therefore it isn’t taking up valuable floor space.

Dance Floor Stage Rental:

With our wide inventory of stage equipment, we also offer the sage a dance floor. Yes, We are specialized in providing the dance floor so that your events become more entertaining.

LED Dance Floor:

With the support of our seasoned and adroit group of personnel, we’re engaged in presenting a highly efficient and dependable LED light Dance Floor on Rent.


stage rental atlanta

These rendered services are delivered with some of those dexterous employees of our team who support of integrating their commendable knowledge and experience within this realm at the ceremony.

More to this, the services are recognized if you are in accordance with the changing demands and desires of our clients.


The most typical dimensions for a band point are 16′ x 16′ which allows enough room to get a drum set, keyboard, and two to three additional performers such as a vocalist and a guitarist.

However, the number of group members, in addition to the size of these tools, is what’s going to dictate the point size. Any supporting equipment needed on the platform such as speakers or monitors should also be factored in.

Other common staging configurations consist of fashion runways, public speaking platforms, and school functions. We also offer a subfloor for irregular ground.

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