Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine

Luxe Event Rental offers cotton candy machine and popcorn machine concession rentals in the Atlanta, GA areas!

Party guests love cotton candy! Choose our cotton candy machine for your party. Luxe Event Rental offers high-quality party rentals & concessions for any event.

Supplies Included

  • Cones
  • Sugar





Cotton Candy Machine

Luxe Concession rental includes this cotton candy machine rental includes supplies for up to 35 guests! Rental starting at a great low price.

America LOVES Cotton Candy. What’s not to love, really? You get a big, bright, colorful ball of sugar served straight up on a stick. Our nation has given it not one, but two national holidays. That’s double the chances for us to celebrate its existence and, of course, to eat bucket loads of this pillowy sugar miracle!

Cotton candy hasn’t changed much since it first changed our world and burst into popularity at the beginning of the 20th century, but that’s because it’s perfect just the way it is.

Just how sugar becomes cotton candy will always feel more like a magic trick than cooking science. It makes you wonder. If you’ve ever wanted to answer your cotton candy questions, choose our cotton candy rentals and enjoy the wonderful experience Cotton Candy has to offer!


Additional information

Cotton Candy Machine Options

35 Guests, 55 Guests, 100 Guests, 150 Guests, 200 Guests, 300 Guests


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