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Donation of Funeral Repass chairs and tables

Losing a loved one is very painful, and the pains are more severe when the deceased is a youth or a child.

Although they departed too soon, their memories are always with us. However, we can find peace in cherishing the special moments they shared with us by organizing a repass event to celebrate their life and grieve their departure.

Holding a funeral ceremony allows family and friends to gather and mourn the departed soul. Even though they lived a short life, sharing fond memories and celebrating memories of special moments they shared with us is one of the ways to show how important they were and that we miss them.

Once-a-Month Donation of Funeral Repass Chairs and Tables

As one of the leading rental companies, Rentalry by Luxe Event Rental is offering a donation of funeral repass chairs and tables, specifically for youth funeral services once a month.

What is included?

We’ll donate at least once a month a repass rental package for a youth funeral that includes the following.

  • 60 black standard folding chairs
  • 8 round or rectangular tables

*Includes folding banquet tables and chairs for 1 day’s use.

This is our own little way of commiserating and grieving with the families and friends of the deceased.

Need More?

We have included in our monthly routine the donation rental of funeral chairs and tables to the families of the deceased youth.

We wish to help alleviate the financial burden that organizing a repass brings. While we condole with the family and friends, we also want to offer our support.

If you are a family member of the deceased, organizing a repass for a deceased child or youth under the age of 18, get in touch with Luxe Event Rental via the form below.

The donation will be available once a month to the family that contacts us first. If the slot has been taken for the month, kindly bear with us.

We pray for the repose of the soul of the departed. At Luxe Event Rental, we do not only rejoice with you when you are happy and celebrating your successes, but we also want to support and grieve with you when you mourn.

We undertake the donation of funeral repass chairs and tables as a social responsibility to our existing and potential customers and everyone in our community. We desire to identify with every family in any situation. We do not only care about doing business, but we also want to build relationships and offer the little help we can.

Nobody wishes for calamities or deaths of young ones but when it happens and you are planning a funeral repass, feel free to contact Luxe Event Rental for a donation of funeral repass chairs and tables. The donation is strictly for families who have lost a child under the age of 18 as a gift. We will get in touch with you and provide a repass package of 40 black folding chairs and 5 tables for a day’s use.

Who Are We?

We are Luxe Event Rental Company. We offer extensive party equipment rental for all occasions. We are an innovative rental company and we provide luxury event furnishings, decor, party chairs and tables, tabletop collections, etc. We are committed to helping events and parties succeed and be glamorous. Our services are first-rate, luxurious and one of the best you can find.

We make parties lit with complete party and event equipment rental. For birthdays, weddings, proms, graduations, funerals, and lots more, Luxe Event Rental Company is the destination for all equipment and party rentals.

When the occasion demands it, take advantage of our repass package donation. At Luxe Event Rental, we love you always.

Repass Donation Request

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