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Our Guide to Planning a Successful Event in Atlanta

Renting party equipment is a common practice these days. Aside from the fact that it is the more convenient approach, party rental companies are mushrooming in every corner. Consequently, customers get to pick from a variety of offers and packages that fit their budget.

You may be exploring the idea of party equipment rental in Atlanta for the next big event that you are planning. If this is your first time to do so, here are some insights that you might find useful. Aside from tips and guidelines, we shall also discuss party rental trends briefly, so that you will have a good understanding of what is going on in the industry today.


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What do party rental suppliers have to offer?

When planning for an event, you must realize the importance of looking for a party rental supplier very early on in the preparation phase. The best time to look for one is at least two months prior to the date of the event. If it is a wedding event, then the best time to do so is three to six months before the wedding day. There are many details to set and there are products and requirements that need to be sourced and purchased. Although party rental companies usually stock everything that a party needs, events such as weddings and themed parties require more preparation time.

All sorts of things can be rented. In fact, you can rent out anything from Table Rentals, Tent Rentals, Linen Rentals, Lounge Rentals, Heater Rentals and pretty much anything that you think about from a city-based party rental firm. It is important to work closely with the party rental supplier that you have chosen to work with. You must also be aware of the extent of their services as well as the range of products that they have at hand. Some items such as cotton candy machines, dinnerware rental, Lighting Rentals, Garment Racks and popcorn makers may not be your staple items, but rental companies can source these items in order to provide the items that you have on

your list.


The importance of reading the fine print

Read through your contract



Once you have chosen a party rental firm, read the contract very carefully and clarify any vague details. It is best to ensure that all Party Rental Equipment are itemized. The price for each must be finalized and written down, including any service charges. Delivery date and pick up date must also be established and reasonable allowance given so that any inadvertent delay would not lead to disastrous consequences.



Specialty Event Rental vs Party Rental Company

Today, renting from multiple companies may sound promising, but experts agree that in the end, this might only lead to confusion. For instance, figuring out which item or equipment belongs to which company in the aftermath of the event could be very stressful and time-consuming. There are lots of rental companies which are fully equipped with all the services and some even specialize in particular kind of events. It is therefore, better to hire a party rental supplier that can cater towards the specific events since their scope of products and services encompass all the needs of the event.

These days, parties are often themed. If the party that you are organizing has a theme, then the best option is to hire a party supplier that already offers a full package deal that will cover even the minute things like bar stool rental, dinnerware rentals etc. specific to the theme that you have in mind.

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