How to prepare for an upcoming event in Atlanta

Planning an event can be hectic and confusing.

Here is our simple solution:

How to Prepare for an Upcoming Event in Atlanta

In just 4 easy steps



1. Decide on a theme, color scheme and/or the feature of the event. If your throwing a company event your color scheme may be extravagant neutrals. Choosing your theme early will help to provide ideas for the details of the event such as centerpieces, favors, food choices, and even the dress code. 




2.Decide who to invite. Come up with a guest list, then send out invitations at least 3 weeks in advance. Proper notice allows your guests to set aside time especially for the day of the event.  3 weeks gives you plenty of time to plan The Event to Remember!


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3. Decide what event equipment you will need. Seating is almost always a must. Visit Luxe Event Rental for online event rental shopping in Atlanta, Georgia. With a variety of event rentals chairs starting at just $0.99 your sure to stay on budget. Luxe Tent rentals start at just $240 for up to 50 people and Chaivari Chairs to wow everyone! Decide on decorations which can come from just about anywhere from yard sales to floral designers.

delegate duties Atlanta



4. Delegate.  We all need help. Decide on some helpful buddies to delegate duties. Have them source some form of entertainment. Music, drinks, and visuals are a good way to start. Have someone available for the day of the event to set up the tables, and someone doing the decorations, time will fly by. Delegate someone to be the host of the event, think of someone upbeat and sociable.

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