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Furnishing Your Short Term Home Rental


Moving to a new apartment? Are you planning a short term home rental?

we are offering Furnishing Your Short Term Home Rental.

Are you looking for the best way to furnish your home to make it suitable for short term leasing?

Never worry; read this write-up to the end and learn a few helpful tips.


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Important Factors to Consider

For the best results possible, consider the following factors in furnishing your short term home rental to make your guests satisfied and happy:




There are quite a few though factors that you must prioritize when you want to furnish your home for short term leasing.

First, you need to focus on functionality, design, and aesthetics by putting yourself in the shoes of potential guests.

home for rentDuring the thought process of furnishing your place you want to try not to let your taste, style, and preference override what is generally accepted as “tried & true”.

Start simple and build on furniture choice victories with decor items and accessories.


Optimize Space In our Rental Home

It is crucial to make your home as spacious as possible. One of the ways you can optimize the space in your short term home rental is by choosing chairs and tables that are big on comfort but not too bulky.

Instead of furnishing the home with big sofas and large tables, get medium-sized sofas and tables. You will save space, and the house will look and feel more relaxing and spacious.


Prioritize Comfort

Making yourself and your guests happy and comfortable should be another crucial factor to consider while choosing the right pieces of furniture and other home essentials for your short term home rental.

Short Term Home RentalFor instance, when selecting a sofa for your home, select a sofa with arms that you and your guests can rest their elbow on or lay your head against.

In the bedroom, follow through with an upholstered headboard so soft that when you’re sitting up in bed you can rest your back or head against it.

Tips on Furnishing Your Short Term Home Rental

Furnishing your home for short term leasing should not be a hassle for you.

Use these helpful tips to satisfy your guests without breaking the bank!

home furnishings rentals

Lease Furniture

Of course, when you’ve decided to lease your place on a short term basis the best way to furnish it is to consider home furniture leasing services with matching terms for your new or existing lease period.
Compared to the cost of outright purchase, leasing the right furniture for your new home is a no-brainer and normally is more economical than purchasing new furniture, paying to move, and possible storage fees when your lease ends. This is an easy way out to save money and make your way to the comfortable and beautifully decorated home you really want.


Rentalry of Atlanta offers
flexible lease options
and stylish furniture online!

Rent Your Washer And Dryer 

Whether you’re a landlord offering short-term leasing or a short term tenant, you’ll undoubtedly benefit from an in-unit washer and dryer. If you do not have these large appliances already or and prefer them in your new apartment or home, you can rent a washer and dryer and avoid the hassle of purchasing two new units! Shop Rentalry.com, where you’re sure to get a reasonable price for the appliances covering the short term lease.


Contact Rentalry

If you are looking for the right place to rent the furniture to furnish your short term home rental in or around Atlanta, Ga, contact us at Luxe Event Rental today.

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We have an extensive collection of top-of-the-line chairs and tables such as sectional and pull-out sofas, dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, side tables, and more.


Our goal is to offer the best experience and enhance the success of your short term home rental!

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