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At Rentalry, we greatly value the satisfaction of our customers and pride ourselves on a well-defined attention to detail.

This is why we take the time to personally know each individual event and fully understand your vision. We’ve created a web-based system that allows our customers to order on-line while viewing real-time availability and putting all event information in an accessible place for us to collaborate, tweak details and execute.  Our goal to provode a great event service has allowed us to become one of the largest full service party rental companies in Georgia.

From tents, tables, chairs, to linens, we carry all the party rental equipment needed for your event.  We’re more than just a company. We are a family looking to provide an excellent solution to our community.

There’s no need to delay. Book Online. 24/7.

Event Rentals

With our inventory of modern party rentals, we ensure that your wedding, event, party or special occasion look classic, unique, and exquisite.

Transform an ordinary party scenery into a more visually appealing event with our wedding rentals, chair rentals, and table rentals.

Staging Rentals

Tool Rentals

Corporate Rentals

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  • Combination of affordability and quality.

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  • Catch our graduation sales and more to sweeten the deal.

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