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Patio – Outdoor Heater 

*Color of Heater May Vary.

When its cold outside, plan for the warmth of your guests with our patio tower heaters. These keep guests happy and warm during outdoor socials and events.


If the temperatures dropping?  No problem. It’s as simple as pushing a button on this tower of comfort, in minutes it transforms your event area into a comfortable, warm, summer-like area that can be used any time of the year.

Finally, quality outdoor heater rentals that everyone can afford!



Patio – Outdoor Heater Rental

*Color of Heater May Vary.

Bronze or Stainless Steel Color

Dependable solid state easy-light push-button ignition system never requires batteries or outside power of any kind, to light simply set your comfort level with the dial-a-setting knob and push the button.

Your guest’s safety is your number-one concern, in the unlikely event the heater tips over the built-in safety valve will immediately shut the unit off. This heater neatly conceals a standard bar-b-q style propane tank up to 30-lbs inside the bronze or stainless steel base.

Powerful heat element produces over 41,000 BTU’s of radiant heat that reaches out up to a full 15 feet around the unit (175 sq/ft).

Dome Diameter (Reflector): 31.9″.

Pole Diameter & length: 2.2″ Diameter x 33.5″L.

Overall Height 89″.

Fuel Type: Propane (LP) uses standard size bar-b-que tanks.

Clearance: 36″ from wall and 36″ from the ceiling (minimum).

Burner Unit: 10.9″D x 23.6″H.

Base Diameter: 18.1″ x 3.38″H.

Overall Height: 89″.

Regulator: Included

Propane Tank: Included – Filled Per Heater Specifications



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