Outdoor Heater

Patio – Outdoor Heater Rental

*Color of Heater May Vary.


Temperatures dropping?  No problem. It’s as simple as pushing a button on this tower of comfort, in minutes it transforms your event area into a comfortable, warm, summer like area that can be used any time of the year. Finally, quality outdoor heater rentals that everyone can afford.




Patio – Outdoor Heater Rental

*Color of Heater May Vary.

Bronze or Stainless Steel Color

Dependable solid state easy-light push-button ignition system never requires batteries or outside power of any kind, to light simply set your comfort level with the dial-a-setting knob and push the button.

Your guest’s safety is your number-one concern, in the unlikely event the heater tips over the built-in safety valve will immediately shut the unit off. This heater neatly conceals a standard bar-b-q style propane tank up to 30-lbs inside the bronze or stainless steel base.

Powerful heat element produces over 41,000 BTU’s of radiant heat that reaches out up to a full 15 feet around the unit (175 sq/ft).

Dome Diameter (Reflector): 31.9″.

Pole Diameter & length: 2.2″ Diameter x 33.5″L.

Overall Height 89″.

Fuel Type: Propane (LP) uses standard size bar-b-que tanks.

Clearance: 36″ from wall and 36″ from the ceiling (minimum).

Burner Unit: 10.9″D x 23.6″H.

Base Diameter: 18.1″ x 3.38″H.

Overall Height: 89″.

Regulator: Included

Propane Tank: Included – Filled Per Heater Specifications



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