90 x 90 White Polyester Overlay

90 x 90 White Polyester Overlay

Choose overlays for weddings, trade shows, anniversary events, or even your home event! Made from polyester, our overlays are a durable option.

Drape these overlays over our 60″ round table, 30″ Square Cocktail Tables or over our 72″ round tables.  These white polyester overlays are pretty versatile and can be dressed up for an ultimate glam event, dressed down for a shabby-chic rustic wedding, and can even be used as a clean and modern look for a minimalist event!



90 x 90 White Polyester Overlay

Color: White

Shape: Square

Material: 100% Polyester

Dimensions: Approx. 90″ x 90″ square SEAMLESS


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