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The Mallow Mist Sofa seats the guest(s) of honor elegantly. Perfect for maternity shoots, baby showers, feminine events and more!

The Mallow Mist Sofa is a high-end special event seat that can be used indoors only.

Also perfect for birthday parties, bat/bar mitzvahs, baby showers, bridal showers, and virtually any special event.

Luxe Event Rental Atlanta Exclusive Item

Available in a Soft Baby Blue.

Never For Use Outdoors.

$212.00 $168.00


Mallow Mist Sofa

The Mallow Mist Sofa is often used as the featured seating for an elegant event. This pleated back sofa has dramatic finishes and elegantly highlights the guest(s) of honor.

We offer this particular seat in soft baby blue and soft baby pink. Our Mallow Mist Sofa is also called a baby shower sofa, since this stylish sofa seats the expecting parents along with presents or guests perfectly.

Add our other Luxury and Lounge Line Furniture Rentals to create an unforgettable VIP section or comfortable social gathering area. See this sofa in a Soft Baby Blue.

(Dimensions May Vary Slightly)
Height (top to bottom) 33.5
Length (side to side) 86.5″
Depth (front to back) 32″
Seat Height 17″
Material Suede-Like
Color Mauve


  • Pleated Backrest
  • Golden Base
  • High-Quality Rental Sofa

Never suitable for outdoor events. 


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